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An atlas of DNA methylomes in porcine adipose and muscle tissues Open Access


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Li, M.
Wu, H.
Luo, Z.
Xia, Y.
Guan, J.
Wang, T.
Gu, Y.
Chen, L.
Zhang, K.
Ma, J.
Liu, Y.
Zhong, Z.
Nie, J.
Zhou, S.
Mu, Z.
Wang, X.
Qu, J.
Jing, L.
Wang, H.
Huang, S.
Yi, N.
Wang, Z.
Xi, D.
Wang, J.
Yin, G.
Wang, L.
Li, N.
Jiang, Z.
Lang, Q.
Xiao, H.
Jiang, A.
Zhu, L.
Jiang, Y.
Tang, G.
Mai, M.
Shuai, S.
Li, K.
Zhang, X.
Li, Y.
Chen, H.
Gao, X.
Plastow, G. S.
Beck, S.
Yang, H.
Wang, Y.
Li, X.
Additional contributors
biological sciences
molecular biology
Type of item
Journal Article (Published)
It is evident that epigenetic factors, especially DNA methylation, have essential roles in obesity development. Here, using pig as a model, we investigate the systematic association between DNA methylation and obesity. We sample eight variant adipose and two distinct skeletal muscle tissues from three pig breeds living within comparable environments but displaying distinct fat level. We generate 1,381 Gb of sequence data from 180 methylated DNA immunoprecipitation libraries, and provide a genome-wide DNA methylation map as well as a gene expression map for adipose and muscle studies. The analysis shows global similarity and difference among breeds, sexes and anatomic locations, and identifies the differentially methylated regions. The differentially methylated regions in promoters are highly associated with obesity development via expression repression of both known obesity-related genes and novel genes. This comprehensive map provides a solid basis for exploring epigenetic mechanisms of adipose deposition and muscle growth.
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License information
Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International

Citation for previous publication
Li, M., Wu, H., Luo, Z., Xia, Y., Guan, J., Wang, T., Gu, Y., Chen, L., Zhang, K., Ma, J., Liu, Y., Zhong, Z., Nie, J., Zhou, S., Mu, Z., Wang, X., Qu, J., Jing, L., Wang, H., Huang, S., Yi, N., Wang, Z., Xi, D., Wang, J., Yin, G., Wang, L., Li, N., Jiang, Z., Lang, Q., Xiao, H., Jiang, A., Zhu, L., Jiang, Y., Tang, G., Mai, M., Shuai, S., Li, N., Li, K., Wang, J., Zhang, X, Li, Y., Chen, H., Gao, X., Plastow, G.S., Beck, S., Yang, H., Wang, J., Wang, Y., Li, X., Li,R. (2012). An atlas of DNA methylomes in porcine adipose and muscle tissues. Nature Communications Volume, 3(850),

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File title: An atlas of DNA methylomes in porcine adipose and muscle tissues
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