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  • 2017-01-01

    Madueke , Sylvia Ijeoma

    Here is a visual representation of a ‘domesticated’ Nigerian Igbo society as it is often constructed through the process of interlingual translation—a traditional Igbo chief bears French baguettes instead of the ofo (sacred symbol), a village town-crier who plays a French tambourine in lieu...

  • 2017-01-01

    Kerr, Shaun

    When an ultra-intense laser hits a solid target, jets of particles stream off in all directions. Hydrogen, as the lightest element, gets preferentially accelerated, resulting in proton beams. These beams have many potential applications, from medical radiotherapy to fusion energy. The study of...

  • 2017-01-01

    Laxamana, Kevin

    My research looks at transwomen sexual reassignment procedures in Indonesia and Singapore. In Southeast Asia, positive social attitudes toward transwomen are largely based on their ability to transform themselves into glamorous and stylish women. The most visible and compelling sites for the...

  • 2017-01-01

    Burger, Camille

    This piece is dedicated to my friend Nadia Vera, a Mexican dancer, activist and anthropologist who was murdered in the summer of 2015 in Mexico City. She strongly believed in the potential for arts as a medium for social transformation and acted accordingly. My PhD (research and creation) places...

  • 2017-01-01

    Maruyama, Michiko

    Drawing on my unique combination of industrial design, graphic art, and medical training, I aim to create educational resources that facilitate knowledge transfer and communication between physician and child. Since children learn through play, I was inspired to dedicate my Master of Industrial...

  • 2017-01-01

    Poitras, Trevor

    The peripheral nervous system is capable of regeneration, however often times, the regeneration is limited and incomplete. Injury sustained to the peripheral nervous system is acquired through physical insult to the nerves, or through pathophysiological manifestations called neuropathies. My work...

  • 2017-01-01

    Gibson, Carolyn

    Each summer as air temperatures rise amongst the midnight sun, permafrost begins to thaw top down. This thawing is short lived though as fall’s cool breath begins to show itself in late August and these soils refreeze as the long winter sets in. Understanding what controls the depth of this top...

  • 2017-01-01

    Brenneis, Dylan

    The image depicts a robotic hand expressing its identity through self-portraiture, challenging the viewer to reconsider the role of a prosthetic hand as simply a crude replacement. While this level of dexterity and intelligence is still beyond the capabilities of prosthetic limbs, it is entirely...

  • 2017-01-01

    Kahlon, Jagroop Gill

    My current PhD research focuses on environmental biosafety of transgenic pea (Pisum sativum L.). We are testing the efficacy of transgenic disease pea against fungal pathogens in comparison to the non-transgenic pea in confined field trials. When we have to compare transgenic lines, we not only...

  • 2017-01-01

    Law, Lauren

    Glass sponge reefs in Hecate Strait, British Columbia are threatened by trawling and oil/gas exploration. The reefs are ancient, dated at 9,000 years old, and represent modern analogues of extinct reefs that once existed during the Jurassic period. Given their rarity and vulnerability to damage,...

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