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  • 2018-01-01

    Jean, Francesca

    This image is a fertilized zebrafish embryo that has undergone a single cell-division - a critical first step to become a fully developed fish. Zebrafish embryos must be self-sufficient since the mother lays these embryos before they even become fertilized. After fertilization, the embryo relies...

  • 2016

    Jean, Francesca

    We have been studying a gene in zebrafish (called unc119b) that is required for many developmental processes, including eye formation. On the left, is a cross-section of a normal zebrafish eye at 3 days old that has been stained with fluorescent antibodies. The lens is surrounded by green (a lens...

  • 2017-01-01

    Jean, Francesca

    Human mutations in the gene unc119 result in retinal degeneration that can eventually lead to colour and night vision loss and in extreme cases, blindness. Yet, it isn't known how unc119 functions in the retina and why mutations cause retinal disease. The goal of my project is to use the...

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