Resolution 2

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  • I am a visual artist working in print media and installation practices examining the body as interior and exterior space in order to question what happens with traumatic memory when triggered by image, place and time. I am concerned with the trauma of abandonment and desire to understand my own story through exploration of recollections, confrontations and resolutions. I work from the premise that intimate phenomenological events trigger trace memories that create imprints in the psyche. I believe that traceable memory recollected is unstable and not always recognizable the same way twice. In moments of recollected trauma triggered by image, the body can physically react and habitual body patterns can literally force the memory within us to respond in some way. I incorporate different kinds of tactile printed mark; for me this drawn imagery is a way of introducing my subjective experience, reflecting on the cognitive and physical stressors of abandonment trauma. // Program of Study: Master's // Faculty/Department: Art & Design, Printmaking // Place of creation: University of Alberta // Award: Semi-finalist Prize, Images of Research Competition 2017

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