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  • 2007

    Culberson, Joseph, Yang, Fan, Holte, Robert

    Technical report TR07-06. The effectiveness of heuristics search is influnced by the accuracy of the heuristic values. State space abstractions have been proved to be effective for generating admissible heuristics. In this paper, A general definition for abstractions is given. As a demonstration...

  • 2011-06

    Yang, Fan

    In this thesis, we study theoretically and empirically the additive abstraction-based heuristics. First we present formal general definitions for abstractions that extend to general additive abstractions. We show that the general definition makes proofs of admissibility, consistency, and...

  • 2010-11

    Yang, Fan

    The purpose of this study is to investigate the impact of solvent addition to bitumen froth on the wettability of froth solids. The wettability of solids determines the transportation/partitioning of the solids between phases, which in turn affects the solids and water rejection in a Clark hot...

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