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  • Lego Robot Control via a Speech Generating Communication Device for Play and Educational Activities
  • Adams, K.D.
    Yantha, J.
    Cook, A.M.
  • Play, education, Lego, assistive robot, integrated system
  • 2011/12/05
  • Conference/workshop Presentation
  • English
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  • RESNA Conference
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Children have utilized switch adapted infrared controllers to manipulate play objects with inexpensive Lego™ robots in order to learn new and demonstrate existing skills. Since some speech generating devices (SGDs) have infrared output, the opportunity arises for children to have an integrated communicative and robotic control system using their own SGD and access method. The purpose of this case study was to evaluate the feasibility of a twelve year old girl with cerebral palsy using an integrated communicative and robot control system for educational activities. She performed various activities, including numeracy and social studies goals. The integrated system offered the participant a means for manipulative, cognitive, and communicative skill demonstration and development. The participant accessed educational materials and engaged in active learning of the curriculum content. Her teachers were pleased with the intervention, reporting that the participant demonstrated her abilities and connected with the curriculum and other students.

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