Aura Texture

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  • Technical report TR05-30. This paper presents a new technique, called aura texture, for generating synthetic textures from input examples. The basic idea of the new approach is to model textures using Asymmetric Gray Level Aura Matrices (AGLAMs), which give (the proof is in a recently submitted paper to the IEEE CVPR 2005 by the authors, and a copy of the paper is included in the supplemental material that accompanies the paper) the necessary and sufficient information of a given texture. For an input texture, the aura texture approach first calculates a set of characteristic AGLAMs to represent the texture. Then, without requiring any further information from the input, it synthesizes an output texture (initialized as white noise) with similar characteristic AGLAMs as those of the input. The experimental results have shown that the new technique can successfully synthesize a wide range of textures and the results are comparable to those of the existing techniques. In addition, based on a metric distance measure, the new technique is able to automatically evaluate the results and determine whether or not the output is a successful synthesis of the input. None of the existing techniques has the ability to evaluate their synthesis results. | TRID-ID TR05-30

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