Organizational Communication Usage by Police Sergeants: A Case Study

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  • The impact of supervisors on organizational success can depend upon their organizational
    communication usage. Communication provides impacts on employee engagement and
    organizational success. How is trust built in organizational communications? This research
    explores the role of supervisors and the systems they use in building trust and supporting
    organizational communication. How do front-line supervisors choose and utilize organizational
    communication channels and what impact do these choices have on how they communicate with
    their team members?
    This research explores a case study of a municipal law enforcement organization,
    particularly front-line supervisors (sergeants), and their impact on engagement and
    communications. Qualitative research data is collected through semi-structured interviews. Data
    was then analyzed through the lenses of structuration theory, sensemaking and social capital. The
    results of this study appear to demonstrate the emphasis sergeants place upon their
    communicatory impact and the importance with which they take the role of being sensemakers
    for their employees. Results further show the emphasis participants place on carefully selecting
    the communication tools and channels they use in the organizational communication process.
    This research demonstrates the important focus required on sergeants’ communication systems
    and processes for effective organizational communication.

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