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Migration and Precarity: From the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to Permanent Resident, Student and Undocumented Migrant Status

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  • SSHRC IG awarded 2017: There is a paucity of research on the factors that shape the pathways from being a Temporary Foreign Worker [TFW] to other status in Canada and how TFWs' agency can be further leveraged to address their precarious migration status in Canada. Drawing on data from Alberta, the largest destination province for TFWs, we will examine the factors that shape the transition of TFWs to another status (e.g., permanent resident, student, and undocumented) and propose concrete ways for TFWs to increase their agency and challenge their marginal status in Canada. Our objectives include: -To investigate the factors that shape the transition of TFWs to permanent residents, international students, and undocumented migrants in Canada; -To examine how TFWs, who transition to undocumented migrants and students in Canada, contend with and navigate their lives in Canada; -To examine opportunities that exist to engage TFWs to challenge systemic processes that contribute to becoming undocumented in Canada.

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