Pre-service Teachers’ Reflections on Personal Responsibility for Student Motivation A Video Vignette Study

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  • Teachers assume personal responsibility in four domains: student motivation, student
    achievement, relationships with students, and the quality of their own teaching. In all existing
    research, pre-service and practicing teachers score lowest in the motivation domain. This may be
    because some teachers view motivation as a shared responsibility or one that is contingent on
    external factors. Thus, the purpose of this research was to examine pre-service teachers’
    reflections on two different perspectives on personal responsibility for student motivation - one
    that reflected high internal unmitigated responsibility and one that reflected shared and
    contextualized responsibility. Pre-service teachers watched two video vignettes, and then
    reflected on the perspectives in an open-ended written format. The descriptive statistics
    confirmed that responsibility for motivation was the lowest of the four domains. Moreover, the
    percentage pre-service teacher felt responsible for student motivation predicted which video
    vignette they selected. Thematic analysis of pre-service teachers’ reflection revealed four themes
    that give insight to how pre-service teachers make sense of responsibility for student motivation:
    people responsible, external factors, strategies to support motivation, and emotions. The results
    are discussed in light of methodological, theoretical, and practical implications.

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