Architecting Fiber Access for LTE backhaul with EPL in Access and IP Layer 3 in Core backbone

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  • This report will discuss some of the legacy cellular technologies and how it has evolved over time. It will in details explain the current and future ‘Long Term Evolution’ technology and its components. The Mobile Backhaul properties required for supporting the current and future traffic load along with its operation will also be discussed. For the Access portion of this MBH, various transmission mediums (wireless and wireline) along with their capabilities such as rate and topologies will be considered keeping sustainability and scalability needs in mind. Carrier Ethernet Service with emphasis on EPL access will be detailed and how it can be implemented to better support this MBH. This network discussion will then be extended to the core backbone technologies running on IP and how it will work in conjunction with the CE® services to better utilize and benefit from it. A lab implementation is done to mock this network architecture from the access to the core and correlated to how EPL in access and IP/MPLS in the core will behave to better understand the prospects of this report. (As cited in abstract.)

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