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Learning How to Provide Nursing Care in a Digital Health Context

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  • SSHRC IDG awarded 2021: An exploratory comparative case study of two Canadian prelicensure nursing programs from Eastern and Western Canada will be used to identify similarities and differences. Social Learning Theory will inform all aspects of the research. In phase 1, we will conduct a scoping review with an environmental scan to identify the scope and approaches to digital health education as reported in the literature and on websites of Canadian pre­licensure nursing programs and professional associations. In phase 2, we will collect data to understand the types of experiences in academic and clinical contexts that students perceive as influencing their knowledge acquisition and understanding of digital health and nursing experiences of care when working with digital health from the perspectives of newly qualified nurses and nurse managers. This will be achieved by conducting focus group interviews with a purposive sample of students in their last year of study at each site. Additionally, a purposive sample of nurse managers and recently qualified nurses (graduates in the last two years) from within practice settings will be invited to participate in a one­-on-­one interview. Organizational documentation from academic and practice settings relevant to students’ learning (e.g., digital health training programs) and policy documents from professional associations will also becollected. In phase 3, we will invite all students in their final year of study in both sites to complete a survey, to be developed based on data from interviews and literature. Survey data will provide a broader understanding of students’ perceived knowledge and opinions toward digital health, the education they currently receive, and most pressing needs for further education. We will analyze data from each unit (students, graduates, managers) at each site separately, compare and contrast between sites within each unit of analysis, and aggregate data accordingly. Trainees will be mentored and involved in all phases of the research. Our knowledge mobilization strategies including webinars, infographic, social media, conference presentations, and publications will strategically target key stakeholders involved in students’ Digitization of healthcare is inevitable. It has consequences for Canadians who desire to access digital health services and for nurses using these tools when providing care. This project will have implications for the way we educate nurses on how to provide digital healthcare now and in the future.

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