Keeping students engaged by simulating continuing medical education

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  • The objective was to convert a paper-based seeking and evaluating evidence assignment to an interactive electronic format. In addition, the aim was to increase medical student engagement with the assignment by simulating a continuing medical education environment that many students will encounter in their future medical careers. The College of Family Physicians of Canada’s ePearls™ continuing medical education environment was adapted for use as a student assignment and embedded in the medical school’s learning management system. The assignment was delivered during the transitional course that bridges students’ pre-clinical and clinical experiences. All of the students had completed a similar paper based assignment within the previous two years. Students completed the interactive electronic assignment during class time. At the end of the session, students were asked to complete an electronic survey which was designed to measure their preference for the paper or electronic delivery of the assignment and whether or not the delivery in the context of a continuing medical education environment was engaging for them. 42 of the 155 students who completed the assignment also completed part or all of the online survey. Most respondents perceived the introduction to the continuing medical education environment as being helpful (86%, n=40) and expressed a preference for doing the assignment in the online format (86%, n=42). Comments indicated that students valued its clinical relevance and the opportunity to immediately practice what they had learned while still having guidance at hand. Based on these results, the Library and CHE will collaborate together to deliver subsequent information literacy instruction in this format.

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    • Storie, Dale, Sandy Campbell, Brettany Johnson and Robert Hayward. (2011). Keeping students engaged by simulating continuing medical education. Journal of the European Association for Health Information and Libraries, 7(3), 13-17.