Targeted Communication in LINEAR OBJECTS

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  • Technical report TR94-14. Linear Objects (LO) of Andreoli and Pareschi is the first proposal to integrate object-oriented programming into logic programming based on Girard's Linear Logic (LL). In LO each object is represented by a separate open node of a proof tree. This \"insulates\" objects from one another which allows the attributes of an object to be represented as a multiset of atoms and thus facilitates easy retrieval and update of attributes. However this separation hinders communication between objects. Communication in LO is achieved through broadcasting to all objects which in our opinion is infeasible from a computational viewpoint. This paper proposes a refined communication mechanism for LO which uses explicit communication channels specified by the programmer. We name it TCLO which stands for \"Targeted Communication in LO\". Although channel specification puts some burden on the programmer, we demonstrate that the language is expressive enough by redoing some of the examples given for LO. Broadcasting can be done in a controlled manner. LO can be seen as a special case of TCLO where only one global channel (the forum) is used. | TRID-ID TR94-14

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