Teacher perceptions of school leadership on self-efficacy: A study of relations

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  • Teacher self-efficacy involves the belief in one’s ability to support and promote student learning, growth, and achievement. Effective leadership is essential in promoting teacher self-efficacy by empowering teachers to have confidence in their ability to support student learning and achievement. Quantitative research has confirmed a relationship between leadership and teacher efficacy. This qualitative study explores Alberta teachers’ experiences with school leadership and its impact on their self-efficacy. With increasing demands, diverse student needs, and high expectations for student success, teachers may doubt their ability to make a difference in the classroom. At the forefront of this study is the idea that teachers, like students, require support to thrive in what they do. This qualitative study will gather personal stories from teachers regarding their experiences and perceptions associated with different leadership to gain insight into how school leaders can promote, support, and sustain teacher self-efficacy. Teachers who feel supported, confident, and capable in their role can support their students to feel the same in their learning and growth. The findings will provide a lens for educators to examine their practice with respect to leadership actions that influence self-efficacy. Additionally, the results will inform leaders on quality practices to foster high teacher efficacy in their schools.

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