XBee Based Wireless Data Relay Network and Data Logger

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  • “XBee based wireless data relay network and data logger” is an advanced concept of XBee module usage to transmit multiple node data to centralized data logging station. It facilitates to route data packets through the data router station to data logging station from multiple sensor nodes. Apart from that data packet validation and data storage in SD card is capable. The full system consists of three types of units. Each has its own operation behaviors and capabilities. Sensor device is the end device in the system and it can monitor the temperature and humidity of the environment. Then it composes a specific data packet including the device ID and measured values. Then it sends to the data router station over the wireless communication using Bee
    modules. Data router station is always listening to its cluster of sensors and collect data from them. After receiving some data from a node it does basic packet structure validation and routs the data packet to logger station only if the validation is passed. (As cited in abstract.)

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