Building gender-aware ecosystems for growth: Women’s entrepreneurial learning and leadership development.

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  • Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to examine processes of entrepreneurial learning and leadership development (ELLD) for women involved in growth-oriented businesses. It considers how ELLD can be supported by building gender-aware ecosystems for growth.

    Design/methodology/approach – Data are from a small-scale study of a growth accelerator program in Canada run by Alberta Women Entrepreneurs. The study uses a mixed-methods approach, drawing on interview, document, and observational data.

    Findings – The study finds that three key activities— formal learning, informal learning, and peer / community support—are central to women entrepreneurs’ learning and leadership development. In line with emerging scholarship, entrepreneurial learning is found to be strongly relational, with social capital play a central role in the formation of human capital.

    Originality/value – This study contributes to our understanding of the micro-foundations of growth, the processes involved in ELLD and the importance of developing gender-aware ecosystems.

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    • Hughes, K.D. and Yang, T. (2020), "Building gender-aware ecosystems for learning, leadership, and growth", Gender in Management, Vol. 35 No. 3, pp. 275-290.