Gangliosides in Plasma and Chylomicrons of Control Participants and Individuals with Diabetes Fed both a High- and Low-Fat Diet

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    Beveridge, Michelle H
  • Aim: To investigate whether the plasma and chylomicron ganglioside profiles of participants with type 2 diabetes differ from those of matched control participants at 0, 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours postprandial when individuals are fed both a high- and low-fat diet for three days each. Background: Type 2 diabetes is a disease that impacts a growing portion of the population increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease, and leading to early mortality. Previous studies have reported that gangliosides, bioactive lipids, specifically GM3, can lead to the insulin receptor dissociating from the caveolae-1 complex in the cell membrane in adipocytes. Mice that have GM3 synthase knocked out have increased insulin sensitivity. Methods: In the present study, plasma samples from matched individuals with type 2 diabetes and control participants were fed both a high- and low-fat diet for three days each in a randomized cross-over controlled study. Plasma samples from 0, 2, 4, 6, and 8 hours postprandial, were collected, extracted and analyzed. Chylomicron samples from 0 and 4 hours were also analyzed. Gangliosides were extracted from plasma/chylomicron samples using a Folch technique and analyzed using a triple quad mass spectrometer. Result: The overall trend in both the plasma and chylomicron data indicated that there was no significant difference between ganglioside content in the plasma of individuals who were fed both a high- and low-fat diet in either the control participants or participants with diabetes. However, the majority of the plasma data showed a significant difference between ganglioside content over collection timepoints. Conclusion: The results indicate that there is no significant difference in ganglioside profiles of non-diabetic participants and participants with diabetes, matched for age, gender and body mass index, or that a high- vs low-fat diet influences plasma/chylomicron ganglioside profiles.

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    Master of Science
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    • Nutrition and Metabolism
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