Teacher/coach-student relationships: An investigation into the effects on grade 4-6 student participation in organized school activities

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  • Students are exposed to numerous opportunities to participate in elementary school activities—outside of regular class time. However, because students may be hesitant to participate in such activities, the teacher/coach must understand the motivational factors of students to encourage them to participate. For the purpose of this research project, organized school activities refer to athletics, extracurricular activities, clubs, and leadership opportunities based on activities offered at two school sites. Employing a mixed-methods research approach, student respondents (n=81) completed a quantitative survey reporting varying levels of agreement to potential reasons for participating in school activities. Teacher/Coach respondents (n=13) identified various characteristics of relationships, what they believe to be motivating factors for students to participate in school activities, and how they support students involved in school activities. After descriptive statistical analysis procedures were applied to the quantitative data, focus group interviews were conducted at the two school sites. Resulting from the focus group interview responses, a thematic analysis was applied. After fusing the quantitative data analyses with the emerging themes from the focus group interviews and the teacher/coach survey, findings suggested that students participate in school activities to increase their school connectedness, to engage in an activity in a social environment, and build relationships with their peers and teachers/coaches.

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