Baseline inventory of aquatic macrophytes species distributions in the AOSERP study area

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  • This study evaluates the growth of aquatic macrophytes in selected lakes within the AOSERP study area in terms of lake type, and the feasibility of mapping such aquatic macrophytes using the existing FCIR photography of the study area. Field surveys were carried out during August 1978. Ten lakes or groups of lakes were examined in the field and the data utilized to establish three major classes of lakes within the study area: Class 1 (Eutrophic); Class 2 (Limited Growth); and Class 3 (0ligotrophic). Through examination of the 1 :60 000 scale FCIR photographs, a legend for mapping aquatic macrophytes was developed which divided aquatic macrophytes into their three major classes (emergent, floating, and submergent) and allowed for species identification where possible. A complete description of each vegetation type included in the legend is presented, as well as a key for photo interpretation. Examples of the mapping are included. The relationship between aquatic macrophyte growth and habitat factors as found in the AOSERP study area is outlined, as are some of the implications of aquatic macrophyte inventory for management and reclamation of such vegetation. Recommendations for further work state that mapping according to the developed legend should be carried out immediately, for inclusion on the vegetation overlay of the Ecological Habitat Maps. Finally, an annotated bibliography includes literature on the growth, species, and habitat of aquatic macrophytes in the AOSERP and similar study areas, as well as on the use of remote sensing for identification and mapping of aquatic vegetation.

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