Niche Markets for Fresh Canadian Pork in the Pacific Northwest: A Case Study

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  • The Pacific Northwest of the United States, Washington and Oregon, constitutes a major export market for Western Canadian pork. Exports of fresh pork from British Columbia and Alberta to the Pacific Northwest increased from 16,491 tonnes in 1988 to 19,505 tonnes in 1995. The Pacific Northwest is an area of growing population and represents a significant potential market for increased exports of Western Canadian pork in the future. Increasingly, food marketers are placing an emphasis on niche markets. These markets consist of an identifiable sub-group of consumers with specific needs or preferences. One such niche market is the ethnic Asian market in the Pacific Northwest. The Asian population of Washington and Oregon is projected to increase from 429,000 persons in 1995 to 873,000 persons by the year 2010. Pork is an important component of the Asian diet, and is primarily consumed as fresh meat. Thus, the Asian ethnic market in Washington and Oregon constitutes a sizable niche market for fresh Canadian pork. The objective of this study is to evaluate the Asian ethnic market for fresh pork in the Pacific Northwest. The specific objectives are to: (1) provide an updated background on the Western Canadian pork industry and the market for fresh pork in the Pacific Northwest, (2) identify the perceptions of Asian pork buyers regarding fresh pork from Western Canada, compared with fresh pork from the major competing source of supply, the Midwestern United States, (3) identify the fresh pork cuts commonly sold in the Asian ethnic market and (4) to propose marketing strategies for Western Canadian pork producers and packers to maintain or increase their share of the Asian ethnic market for fresh pork in the Pacific Northwest.

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