Changing how monographs are acquired in response to evolving needs

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  • Presentation given at the Charleston Conference: Issues in Book and Serial Acquisition, Oct. 31 - Nov. 5, 2016. Abstract: In April of 2014, the University of Alberta Libraries (UAL) made a major shift in how we acquire monographs, moving from a distributed, subject selector-focused, slip-based model, to an approval only, e-preferred and PDA-led model. This change was implemented in response to the expanding and evolving roles of liaison librarians and the need for enhanced workflow efficiencies. With two years of data related to this transition and the impact of the new model, we will present an assessment of the impact of the new model. The objective of this presentation will be to provide insight to other librarians considering a shift to a more automated and centralized monograph acquisitions approach. We will discuss the reasons for rethinking how UAL approaches monograph acquisitions, the challenges of making such a significant change, and the impact of such change on our budget, collection composition, and staff roles, as well as anticipated future changes. We plan to engage the audience with conversation about their own experience in streamlining workflows, and other possible models that may work in different contexts. Attendees can expect to gain insight about making a major organizational shift, implementing change, and assessing the impact of a new model.

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