Email-to-REST User-Request Translation System

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  • In recent years, online shopping has become an important shopping method in people’s life. Some online shopping platform use emails to inform shop owners of order details. Therefore, it is convenient to have a special system to help process order emails automatically. We implemented a prototype Email-to-REST User-Request Translation System (referred to as the E2R system below) that receives email orders and automatically adds the order into a company database. In the prototype, a Shopify-like Web server (implemented using Django, Figure 2.1.1 (A)) can send an email representing a new customer order. Five email order templates are supported. The the E2R system Figure 2.1.1 (B)) reads the email (from and adds the order to a company database (implemented using Flask, Figure 2.1.1 (C)). *Publication date not found.

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