Geogrid Reinforced Clay Slopes in a Test Embankment

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  • A 12m high geogrid reinforced cohesive soil test embankment with 45¯ sides slopes has been built near Devon, Alberta, Canada. The embankment has four test sections: three are reinforced with different geogrids, and one section is unreinforced. The test sections were instrumented with strain gauges and inductance coils on the geogrids and extensometers, inclinometers, and piezometers in the soil. The design, construction and instrumentation of the test embankment is described. Field measurements, taken from the slopes over a seven year period during and after construction, are presented and discussed. The development and the distribution of geogrid strains, soil deformations and pore pressures are presented to show the performance of the reinforced cohesive soil slopes.

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    • Liu, Y., Scott, J.D. and Sego, D.C. (1994). Geogrid Reinforced Clay Slopes in a Test Embankment. Geosynthetics International, 1(1), 67-91.