Performance Analysis of SDN Devices and Controllers

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  • Project Purpose: The major purpose of this project is to do the performance benchmarking of SDN controllers and compare them. There are numerous open-source SDN controllers available in the market today like Floodlight Open SDN Controller, OpenDaylight SDN Controller, OpenContrail SDN Controller, FlowVisor OpenFlow Controller, Ryu OpenFlow Controller, ONOS SDN Controller, NOX, POX, Beacon and the list goes on. However, the SDN controllers that I have chosen for the comparison are Floodlight and ONOS. One of the main reasons for choosing these two controllers is that both are one of the most prominent figures and major contenders in the industry. The other reasons include both the controllers are written in Java, both are open source and are carrier-grade oriented as well. The tool that has been used to do the performance benchmarking of the SDN controllers is PktBlaster SDN Testing Tool from Veryx.

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