Using time domain reflectometry in triaxial testing

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  • Abstract: Time domain reflectometry (TDR) can be used to determine the volumetric water content of soils. This note describes the utilization of a TDR miniprobe in triaxial testing. The TDR performance was examined with a series of tests that not only proved its reliability but also resulted in two empirical correlations. Using these correlations, the degree of saturation and volumetric water content during triaxial testing could be determined. The TDR was then put to use in a laboratory program designed to investigate the response of loose gassy sand under static and cyclic loading. Because of the TDR measurements it was possible to determine the degree of saturation and void ratio of the gassy specimens. The TDR miniprobe proved to be accurate, simple to use, and inexpensive to build.

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    • Grozic, J.L.H., Lefebvre, M.E., Robertson, P.K., and Morgenstern, N.R. (2000). Using time domain reflectometry in triaxial testing. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 37, 1325–1331. DOI: 10.1139/cgj-37-6-1325.