User Constrained Multiscale MRF Model for Texture Mixture Synthesis and its Application to Texture Replacement

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  • Technical report TR05-25. The original multiscale MRF texture model proposed by Paget (IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, 1998, page 925-931) can be used to synthesize a broad range of textures but is limited to taking a single input texture and outputting a homogeneous texture similar to the input. This is insufficient for textures that have combined visual characteristics from several different sources. To address this problem, this paper presents a new method, called User Constrained multiscale MRF model, for synthesizing a new texture mixture from multiple input textures. Since the Gibbs sampler and exhaustive search are used in the original multiscale MRF model, a brute force implementation of the algo-rithm is slow. To overcome this problem, an existing fast neighborhood search technique is adapted for our model, and the run time is decreased by a factor of 500-1000. We also demonstrate that our method can be used in texture replacement. The experimental results show that our algorithm performs well in the quality of re-sults. | TRID-ID TR05-25

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