ChainFaaS: An Open Blockchain-Based Serverless Platform

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  • Due to the rapid increase in the total amount of data generated in the world, the need for more computational resources is also increasing dramatically. This trend results in huge data centers and massive server farms being built around the world, which have a negative impact on global carbon emissions. On the other hand, there are many underutilized personal computers around the world that can be used towards distributed computing. To better understand the capacity of personal computers, we have conducted a survey that aims to find their unused computational power. The results indicate that the typical CPU utilization of a personal computer is only 24.5% and, on average, a personal computer is only used 4.5 hours per day. This shows a significant computational potential that can be used towards distributed computing. In this paper, we introduce ChainFaaS with the motivation to use the computational capacity of personal computers as well as to improve developers’ experience of internet-based computing services by reducing their costs, enabling transparency, and providing reliability. ChainFaaS is an open, public, blockchain-based serverless platform that takes advantage of personal computers’ computational capacity to run serverless tasks. If a substantial number of personal computers were connected to this platform, some tasks could be offloaded from data centers. As a result, the need for building new data centers would be reduced with a positive impact on the environment. We have proposed the design of ChainFaaS, and then implemented and evaluated a prototype of this platform to show its feasibility.

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