Prediction of Heavy Oil Viscosities with a Simple Correlation Approach

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  • Heavy-oil development is becoming increasingly important because of the continuous decline in conventional-oil production. For
    heavy-oil reservoirs, the oil viscosity usually varies dramatically
    during production processes such as in thermal processes. When
    producing heavy oil, the high viscosity is a major impediment to
    recovery. Oil viscosity is often correlated directly to the reserves
    estimate in heavy-oil formations and can determine the success
    or failure of a given enhanced-oil-recovery scheme. As a result,
    viscosity is an important parameter for performing numerical
    simulation and determining the economics of a project.
    In this work, a simple-to-use correlation has been developed to
    correlate the viscosity of heavy oil to temperature and to a simple
    correlating parameter that can be used for heavy-oil characterization. The reported results are the product of the analysis of heavyoil data collected from the open literature for various heavy-oil
    fields around the world. The tool developed in this study can be
    of immense practical value for petroleum engineers, providing a
    method for quick assessment of the viscosity of heavy oils. In particular, petroleum and production engineers would find the proposed correlation to be user-friendly, with transparent calculations
    involving no complex expressions.
    The new proposed correlation shows consistently accurate
    results. This consistency could not be matched by any of the widely
    accepted existing correlations within the investigated range. For all
    conditions, the new correlation provided better results than existing
    correlations in the literature.

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