Alberta Academic Integrity Strategy Project

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  • Ensuring a level playing field for student assessment is an integral part of teaching and learning at the postsecondary level. When students obtain unfair academic advantage through cheating, plagiarism and other types of academic fraud, their peers, instructors and the institution’s reputation are all affected. A wide variety of site- or classroom-specific deterrence strategies and conduct systems exist, but a framework for promoting the positive, that is, the promotion of academic integrity, is also necessary to instill the values that carry students through their programs and beyond into their careers, as well as enhancing and protecting the reputation of the institution. This is no small task, and can be onerous for institutions of any size. A natural solution to this problem is to identify common needs and approaches and collaborate on resources to support those needs.

    A small working group, consisting of Student Conduct and Accountability at the University of Alberta, Student Conduct, Community Standards and Values at MacEwan University and the Director of Marketing and Communications at the Students’ Association of MacEwan University (SAMU), began collaborating informally in 2013 and has expanded the collaboration province-wide through the Senior Student Services Officers (SSSO) of Alberta to build a “made in Alberta” Academic Integrity Strategy.

    This report is a framework for a project proposal to advance a collaborative Provincial Academic Integrity Strategy (“the Strategy”), based on the input, discussions, and needs of the 26 post-secondary institutions in Alberta and is ultimately envisioned to serve the needs of all members of Campus Alberta. The intent of this document is two-fold: 1) to organize and give shape to the multi-phase project; and 2) to provide the basis for support necessary to implement the phases of the Strategy.

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