Multimedia Extensions To Database Query Languages

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  • Technical report TR97-01. Declarative query languages are an important feature of database management systems and have played an important role in their success. As database management technology enters the multimedia information system domain, the availability of query languages for multimedia applications will be equally important. However, one common problem with currently existing multimedia query languages is their lack of generality. They are designed either for a certain medium (e.g. images) or special applications (e.g. medical, geographical information systems). We describe general multimedia queries based on the ODMG's Object Query Language (OQL) and TIGUKAT Query Language (TQL). In order to capture the temporal and spatial relationships in multimedia data, both OQL and TQL are extended by a set of multimedia primitives. These extended OQL and TQL also include functions for query presentation. We illustrate the extended language features by query examples. | TRID-ID TR97-01

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    Attribution 3.0 International