Ambient air quality in the AOSERP study area, 1977

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  • The monitoring network for ambient air quality in the AOSERP study area is described with particular reference to site location, instrumentation, measurement techniques and data sources. The results of one to three years of data from 68 exposure cylinders and 8 continuous monitoring stations are shown in tables and maps. Emission characteristics of the existing and proposed oil sands plants are described and related to processes for bitumen extraction and upgrading. Initial evaluation of data indicates that sulphur dioxide concentrations at ground level in background air are in the .001 ppm range. Annual average SO2 concentrations at monitoring sites closer to the source range from .003 to .006 ppm. Monthly average levels of 03 and NO2 at a background station are approximately .045 ppm and .01 ppm, respectively. ResuIts of totaI sulphation measurements show no change in levels of total sulphur over the past three years. Initial results of total suspended particulates indicate very low levels except at Fort McMurray where levels greater than 100 .ug.m\"'3 were recorded. The report recommends that a similar document be prepared with all available data up to the time of start up of the second oil sands plant.

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