A Performance Study of the Snort IDS

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  • With the enormous growth of the IP network, network security has become one of the important issues facing corporations today. It is important that a business is able to protect the private data of its customers and business strategies from unauthorized access. Failure to do this can greatly tarnish the reputation of the business in question and can also lead to high financial losses. Hence it becomes the responsibility of corporations to ensure data confidentiality integrity and source authentication of their systems. It is important that they are notified in real-time of any malicious unauthorized access to their system. So how can a corporation protect its network from an outside intrusion effectively? The simple answer to this question is by deploying an effective Intrusion Detection System (IDS). According to Wikipedia, intrusion detection is the act of detecting actions attempt to compromise the confidentiality, integrity or availability of a resource and the system that performs these activities automatically is known an IDS. (As cited in introduction.)

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