Distorted black holes and black strings

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    Shoom, Andrey A.
  • The main objective of this thesis is to study the behavior of black objects in external fields, for example black holes and black strings in 4 and 5-dimensional spacetimes respectively. In particular, to analyze how external fields affect horizons and the internal structure of such objects, to study their properties, and tocunderstand how the spacetime fabric works. The thesis contains three chapters. In Chapters 1 and 2 we study the interior of 4-dimensional static, axisymmetric, electrically neutral and electrically charged distorted black holes. We analyze how external static and axisymmetric distortions affect the interior of such black holes. In particular, we study the behavior of the interior solution of an electrically neutral black hole near its horizon and singularity. The analysis shows that there exists a certain duality between the event horizon and the singularity. As a special example, we study the interior of a compactified 4-dimensional Schwarzschild black hole. In the case of an electrically charged black hole, a similar duality exists between its event and Cauchy horizons. The duality implies that the Cauchy horizon remains regular, provided the distortion is regular at the event horizon. Extension of the general theory of relativity to higher dimensional spacetimes brings a large variety of black objects whose boundary, the event horizon, may be of a complicated structure. One such object is a black string. In Chapter 3 we discuss the so-called Gregory-Laflamme instability of 5-dimensional black strings in a spacetime with one compact dimension and their topological phase transitions. Here we consider black strings with electric or magnetic charge. Linear static perturbations of these objects indicate the presence of a threshold unstable mode. An analysis of such mode shows that an electrically charged black string is less stable than a neutral one. The situation is opposite for a magnetically charged black string. An analysis of 5-dimensional extremal black string with electric charge shows a continuous spectrum of unstable threshold modes. The results presented in this thesis may have applications in the theory of classical 4-dimensional black holes and in the modern theoretical models of higher dimensions.

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    Doctor of Philosophy
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