Teaching in Northern Alberta Communities: The Importance of Place, Past and Present.

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  • This work is intended as an introduction to how school-teaching in northern Alberta may be affected by past and present conditions of nature, human settlement, and history of schooling in the region. Teacher education in Canada is served by different programs that reflect their provincial location. It is necessary for these to include mirror images of the curricula and school governance legislation of their respective provincial jurisdictions. It is usually thought not necessary to include descriptions of the impact of physiographic features and historical schooling memories as elements that importantly affect the conditions of being a teacher in that region. However, this may create a situation of “ necessary but not sufficient”’ the further north one goes in anticipation of teacher service. Awareness of location may be essential to informed anticipation of teaching in northern regions outside the larger conurbations of southern Canada. This small book is designed to provide for beginning and incoming teachers to northern Alberta just such a sense of “place”.

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