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50 Years of Playing while Chinese: A Case Study of Chinese Diaspora and Transnational Identity Formation in Vancouver's Strathcona Basketball Program (1972-2022)

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  • SSHRC IDG awarded 2022: This project seeks to challenge the stereotype of the forever foreigner by highlighting the liveliness and diversity of the Chinese diaspora community in Western Canada. The project draws upon the Strathcona basketball program in Vancouver, BC as a case study, examining how the Chinese diaspora community creates cultural belonging through sport in contemporary Canada. To conduct the research the PI will use a snowball sampling approach to recruit and interview 20 players who have participated in the program between 1972 and 2022. The interviews will be guided by the following questions: 1) How have and do Chinese Canadians lay claim to basketball in and through the VSBC?, and 2) How have and do these claims influence their conceptualizations of Canada and their Chinese identities? These interviews will be analyzed alongside archival materials relating to local histories that are held by the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Public Library. Bringing interviews and archival materials together will enable the PI to map out a picture of how Chinese Canadian identity was and is constructed in and through basketball.

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