A 77 K Cold Stage for Raman Microprobes and Optical Microscopy

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  • A 77‐K cold stage has been developed for spectroscopic measurements in an optical microscope. This stage eliminates fogging of the optical windows observed in an earlier design by adding vacuum jackets around the liquid nitrogen transfer lines and by maximizing the sample‐to‐environment distance without sacrificing optical imaging power. Increased maneuverability of the cold stage is achieved by using flexible stainless‐steel liquid‐nitrogen transfer lines. In our application, the sample in the cold stage is illuminated with a focused laser beam and vibrational resonance Raman scattering spectra are recorded. We have used this Raman microprobe system to measure the Raman scattering from a variety of individual rod photoreceptor cells. This work has provided new information about the mechanism of wavelength regulation in color vision.

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    © 1989 American Institute of Physics.
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    • Loppnow, Glen R., & Mathies, Richard A. (1989). A 77 K Cold Stage for Raman Microprobes and Optical Microscopy. Review of Scientific Instruments, 60(8), 2628-2630.
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