Feeding My Family: How are Individuals using Social Media in the context of supporting Food Security and Food Sovereignty in Northern Canada?

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  • In this day and age, digital information and communication technologies (ICTs) have
    become an instrumental tool that people around the world can use to share and exchange
    information faster and more efficiently. There is no doubt that digital ICTs support more
    efficient and productive communication. However, it is not evident to what extent digital
    ICTs, such as social media platforms, may be used as a tool to increase awareness and
    promote advocacy of public issues in certain regions and communities. This capstone
    research project focuses on exploring the role that social media platforms play in increasing
    awareness of and promoting advocacy for food sovereignty as a means to support food
    security and healthy eating in rural communities in the northern territories of Yukon,
    Nunavut, and Northwest Territories.

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