Giving a Kahoot about Assessment in the Classroom

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  • As library sessions are typically one-shot sessions with limited time, it is difficult to gauge students’ comprehension of the subject matter. Since opportunities for post-session assessment is limited, there is a need to effectively evaluate students’ learning in class.
    Kahoot, an open-source, game-based learning platform, has been used in a number of Health Sciences, Life Sciences, and Engineering library sessions at the University of Alberta.

    This poster, presented at the 2017 Canadian Library Assessment Workshop (CLAW) Conference in Victoria BC, provides a case study of how it was used as a formative assessment tool in a series of curriculum-based, 300-level Pharmacy seminars. Data collected from the Kahoot quizzes will be analyzed to show the effectiveness of this platform as an assessment tool. We will also demonstrate how Kahoot may be adopted for other learning environments.

    Kahoot allows librarians to create online quizzes (e.g. multiple choice questions) that can be used on any computer or mobile device and does not require students to create accounts beforehand, making it easily accessible. Operating like an audience response system, students select the correct response on their own devices, and results are tabulated and collected in real-time, making assessment easy. This level of assessment allows instructors to review and reinforce content based on students’ responses. For instance, if the majority of the class answers a question incorrectly, the instructor can use the opportunity to explain the concept differently or use other examples.

    Our findings illustrate that this program is an effective assessment tool, while also enhancing students’ engagement and understanding of classroom content. Since formative assessment in the classroom can be challenging for instructors, this poster provides examples on how Kahoot may be used in diverse learning environments.

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