Evaluating Quebec's Preference for Alberta Beef

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  • The province of Quebec is one of the major domestic markets for Alberta beef products. In 1994, Alberta accounted for 54.5% of beef imports into Quebec. Other competitors who also supply beef to Quebec include Ontario, the US, and Australia/New Zealand. Australia/New Zealand provide mostly manufacturing/ground beef, while Alberta and the US supply higher quality grain fed beef cuts. This study evaluates the preferences for beef quality and beef origin in the Quebec wholesaler/retailer trade and in those restaurants serving or specializing in higher quality beef cuts. Stated preference questions, questions that simulate the purchase decision, were asked of managers and owners of seven beef wholesalers/retailers and 22 restaurateurs in the Montreal and Quebec city areas. The objectives were to (1) evaluate the importance of product origin on buying decisions in Quebec, (2) gather information to develop Alberta beef marketing strategies in Quebec, (3) provide a baseline measurement of Quebec's preferences for beef from Alberta, US and Ontario for future reference and (4) evaluate stated preference (SPM) research marketing techniques. Data for the study were obtained from a survey conducted by means of direct interview of 22 restaurateurs that serve higher quality beef cuts in the Montreal and Quebec city area and 7 beef wholesalers/retailers. These seven wholesalers/retailers are the major buyers of non-manufacturing beef from outside Quebec and typically purchase Alberta grade 'A' beef.

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