Rethinking Classrooms & Envisioning a Future That is Female: A Feminist Analysis of Gender Inequalities in Education and Possibilities for Progress

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  • In our current society, women are continually bombarded with inequalities, oppression, and hardships based solely on their gender. In school, girls are also afflicted with sexism which negatively affects their educational opportunities. As an intersectional feminist and teacher, I have great concerns that our current education system is reproducing gender inequality as opposed to preparing our girls for a future in which they are regarded as equal members in the workplace, in the home, and in society at large. I believe negative gender relations are affecting the educational experiences of female students, with sexist educational policies and school culture as just a few examples. Discriminatory dress codes, stereotypes, and biases impact a female student’s academic success and development of her self-esteem; through a lens of intersectionality, it is poignant that all girls experience said marginalization differently. I propose to attend to the foil of gender inequality in education by utilizing feminist pedagogy and creating feminist teachers in order to introduce topics of gender oppression to students and bring forth societal change. As instructing new ideas can be daunting for some teachers, I include ten suggestions for teachers to incorporate feminism into their daily teaching. I do not believe gender equality can be achieved without specific attention to education, and our female students deserve our urgent attention in creating safe and supportive classroom environments.

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