The Embedded and Embodied Literacies of an Early Reader

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  • This article argues that if we paid attention to the local situation of a reader the way we attend to the life story of an author, we might gain a very different understanding of children’s literacy. It explores the literate approaches of a single child exploring a single theme—the settler culture as represented in a variety of materials accessible to her in the 1950s—across the discourses of television cowboy shows, school and recreational texts featuring settlers and indigenous people, and a British children’s novel about claiming the land. The article suggests that this kind of miscellaneous intertextuality is a larger feature of early reading than we sometimes assume.

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    • Mackey, Margaret. (2011). The Embedded and Embodied Literacies of an Early Reader. Children’s Literature in Education: An International Quarterly, 42(4), 289-307.
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