A predictive study of the dispersion of emissions from the Syncrude Mildred Lake plant

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  • This predictive study is based on the results of the first year of data collection respecting the meteorological factors that may influence the dispersion of atmospheric emissions in and through the air over the Athabasca Tar Sands region executed by MEP under contract to Shell Canada Ltd., Syncrude Canada Ltd., Home Oil Company Ltd., and Petrofina Canada Ltd. The initial objectives of that study were: 1 . To obtain a representative sample of wind and temperature data for the Tar Sands region for a period of one year. 2. To determine the frequency of occurrence of various atmospheric dispersion phenomena insofar as these can be inferred from temperature and wind data. 3. To predict the air quality which would have been associated with the observed dispersion conditions if particular sources of emission of effluents into the atmosphere had been present in the area.

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    Conditions of Use Murray, W. and J. Kurtz, 1976. A predictive study of the dispersion of emissions from the Syncrude Mildred Lake plant. Syncrude Canada Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta. Environmental Research Monograph 1976-1. 128 pp. Permission for non-commercial use, publication or presentation of excerpts or figures is granted, provided appropriate attribution (as above) is cited. Commercial reproduction, in whole or in part, is not permitted without prior written consent. The use of these materials by the end user is done without any affiliation with or endorsement by Syncrude Canada Ltd. Reliance upon the end user's use of these materials is at the sole risk of the end user.