“Why is this link dead? Aren’t government publications all online?” Preserving digital federal content with the Canadian Government Information Private LOCKSS Network (CGI-PLN)

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  • The vast majority of federal government information is digital and susceptible to both technological obsolescence and changes in information policy. In the past, content on government web sites has been lost to both factors. Concern about the lack of comprehensive web archiving or digital preservation activities within federal government agencies motivated a group of information professionals at twelve institutions to form the Canadian Government Information Private LOCKSS Network (CGI-PLN) in August of 2012. This session will describe the development of the CGI-PLN, its organizational mandate and structure, its activities, and its technical infrastructure. The PLN’s first collection (the Depository Services Program’s e-archive) will be presented as a case study, demonstrating how the CGI-PLN operated within an ambiguous, uncertain context and with a compressed/unknown timeline.

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