Inhaled Aerosols Targeted via Magnetic Alignment of High Aspect Ratio Particles: An In Vivo and Optimization Study

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    Redman, Gillian
  • An in vivo study with 19 rabbits was completed. Half of the exposed rabbits had a magnetic field placed externally over their right lung. Magnetic resonance images of the lungs were acquired to determine the iron concentrations in the right and left lung of each animal. The right/left ratio increased in the middle and basal regions of the lung. With further optimization, this technique could be an effective method for targeted drug delivery. Additionally, the feasibility of increasing the length of high aspect ratio particles for improved targeted drug delivery was explored. An ultrasonic nozzle was pulsed into a large evaporation chamber. Individual particles were found to be double the original length. However, due to locally increased humidity the droplets were not dried, except with the use of an orifice to rapidly accelerate and break apart the larger droplets. The complications associated with this method make it an undesirable and unfeasible method of creating longer particles.

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    Masters of Science
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