Laboratory Properties of Mine Tailings

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  • Abstract: A vast amount and variety of mine tailings are produced around the world each day. These mining wastes must be properly managed. To evaluate mine tailings disposal technology, the appropriate engineering properties of the tailings must be ascertained. The results of a laboratory investigation on the engineering properties of four different tailings are presented. First, some of the basic properties of the tailings are described. Large-strain consolidation tests and hydraulic conductivity tests are then described. The techniques for saturating and placing the tailings sample prior to carrying out the consolidation tests are given. Column drying and shrinkage tests for investigating the desiccation behavior of mine tailings are outlined. Furthermore, water retention characteristic tests using both the pressure-plate extractor and the saturated salt solution desiccator are outlined. Finally, shear strength parameter tests are described. The engineering properties derived from these tests are then presented and compared with the published results on similar types of tailings.

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    • Qiu, Y. J., & Sego, D. C. (2001). Laboratory properties of mine tailings. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 38(1), 183-190. DOI: 10.1139/cgj-38-1-183.