SuperFan 2.0 : Exploring the produsage qualities of hockey fans

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  • This study examines the impact communication technology has had on hockey fans. Professional sports are a billion dollar industry as fans attend live events, collect merchandise and gamble on outcomes. Information is also a major product of professional sports and has been used by sports fans to predict outcomes, participate in fantasy league contests and to interact with other fans. Past research has depicted fans as simple consumers of professional sports. Fans have various reasons to follow sports and use various technological tools to stay informed and interact with other fans. There was found to be a lack of research regarding the role hockey fans play in the creation, development and distribution of information. The advancement of technological tools, combined with the participatory culture fans operate within, has given fans more opportunities to be creators and distributors of information. This study uses a qualitative content analysis to examine a single fan-generated hockey blog. Content from this blog, including the homepage, options for users of the blog and blog articles, is coded using the four key principles of produsage as a guide. Examples of the four key principles were found throughout the hockey blog, and highlight the produsage capabilities of hockey fans.

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