Investigating And Analyzing Effective Strategies Employed by Canadian Universities In Mitigating Mental Stress In International Students.

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  • This comprehensive study examines how Canadian universities play a role in mitigating international student mental stress. The study examines international students' pressures, barriers to mental health support, coping techniques, and Canadian universities' effective well-being programs. The study findings show that academic challenges, cultural changes, and social isolation are international students' main concerns. Stressors impact
    academic performance, social integration, and satisfaction. According to the literature review, overseas students suffer linguistic challenges, mental health stigma, and limited understanding of support options when seeking help. International students' coping techniques show that social support, mindfulness, and smart use of university resources improve resilience and well-being. The study also discusses Canadian universities' successful mental health awareness initiatives, peer support programs, culturally appropriate counseling, and more. This promotes theory development and education field enhancement, providing a framework for international student mental health and informing Canadian university policies and resource allocation. Additionally, the insights presented can help institutions worldwide improve the mental well-being of their international students, creating a more inclusive and supportive higher education environment.

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