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Corrections in the Time of the Opioid Crisis

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  • SSHRC IDG awarded 2018. This study aims to answer the question: ‘How has the illicit introduction of opioid fentanyl and its ‘analogues’ such as carfentanyl, altered life in Alberta’s prisons? In Canada's opioid crisis, prisons end up housing a disproportionate number of the marginalized and vulnerable for whom opiate use is pronounced. Prisons, consequently, are pinch points for the use and attendant risks of the new, powerful, synthetic opioids. This project will focus on prisoners, correctional officers and prison life. Canadian provinces and service providers recognize the need to provide harm reduction health services to people who use drugs (without requiring abstinence). Offering such services in prison, however, can be controversial and logistically difficult. Consequently, we seek to develop the type of understanding of the unique challenges, routines, logistics, predispositions, of the target group along with an understanding of the organizational context in which harm reduction services might be provided, all of which are crucial to the success of any health services provided to vulnerable populations.

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