Teacher self-care: An investigation into the effects of teacher stress levels

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  • In the profession of teaching, there are unique challenges due to the high stress, emotional exhaustion, and difficulty of work-life balance. Therefore, maintaining balanced wellness is a struggle many teachers face; imbalances can result in increased stress levels, and in many cases burnout. The self-care strategies we practice in our daily lives influence how we cope with stress both in the moment and in the long-term. This research study investigated how self-care strategies within the six dimensions of wellness impact teacher stress levels. Employing a mixed-methods research approach, educator respondents (n=34) completed a quantitative survey reporting stress levels and self-care strategies that are valued as well as how often they are practiced. The data identified areas of wellness that teachers value as most important, the positive strategies teachers are employing, and areas where there is a disconnect between the value and practice of self-care strategies. Following an initial analysis of the results, qualitative data was collected through interviews allowing deeper exploration into the dimensions of wellness. After analysis of the data, themes emerged indicating the need for reflection as part of wellness practice, as well as support in the areas of emotional and physical wellness. Results of the study can be employed to support future wellness programming.

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